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Berel Michael Weiner has three areas of expertise that help clients like you achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

First, since 1998, as an English Language Teacher, Berel has been helping Quebec senior managers, consultants, coaches, professionals and business owners become stronger communicators and have more confidence and comfort in their second language.

Second, as a communication Coach who works in both official languages, he has worked with Qu├ębec entrepreneurs to improve their:

  1. Business Communication Skills,   
  2. Ease when having casual and spontaneous conversations with people they don’t know.
  3. Ability to influence and convince others while speaking with a natural charisma.

And finally with his extensive emotional intelligence training in the past twenty-five years in the U.S and Canada he has coached hundreds of Canadian and American entrepreneurs to be more self-aware, present, comfortable in their skin, and in the zone when they speak.

Berel is an expert who can help you with the verbal and non-verbal dynamics of communicating in your first or second language.

Over the years, Berel has worked with the following organizations:

  • Correctional Services Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Environment Canada
  • Health Services Canada
  • Metro Richelieru
  • Multi-Marques 
  • Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton 
  • Air Canada
  • The Parliament of Canada (Leader of the house of Commons)
  • CSST
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • IMS