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J’ai reçu du coaching en langue seconde de Berel il y a quelques années.

Nous avions 3 séances téléphoniques d’une heure par semaine.

En peu de temps, Berel m’a aidé à corriger mes erreurs fréquentes de grammaire et de prononciation.

De plus, le coaching incluait des conseils judicieux sur comment bien communiquer en fonction de l’auditoire. Ce coaching personnalisé a été déterminant dans le succès de ma carrière professionnel.

Grace au type de coaching de Berel, je suis maintenant confiant et confortable quand je communique en anglais.less

Danny Noel
Customer Insights Manager
Metro National at Canada Bread Company, Ltd.

12 mois, 3 soirs semaine à refaire en anglais tout le travail de la journée au bureau!!! But I finally achieved with Berel one of my life target: be fluent in English. Berel’s special “treatment” helped me to get the job of G.M. at Interprovincial Flower Market. Now with Bixi all over the world I am able to involve my company everywhere. It is a simple and efficient recipe: everything has to be related to your environment, your work, your friends…and in an easy fluent and understandable communication.

François Caron
Directeur Général chez CycloChrome Inc.
Les jeunes docteurs BIXI

Berel gave a very inspiring presentation at a networking event for the business group I lead, the Forum of Rwandan Professionals in Canada. The topic: "Commment se réaliser". The participants greatly appreciated the quality and sincerity of the exchanges with Berel, a great coach and motivator, I would highly recommend him and look forward to future.

Achille Ubalijoro 
Qoros PLM Program Director at Dassault Systemes (Contract)

Berel is an extraordinary communicator, coach and people person. His networking skills combined with great patience and listening skills have made Berel a great addition to Business Class Network's team of connectors.

Daniel Benzazon
Business Technology & Web Marketing Specialist

People often do not realize their true potential due to various barriers. Berel has the key to tear down those barriers so that your dreams and aspirations become unlocked and set free in record time.

M.J. Plebon
Online Marketing and SEO Specialist | Social Media Specialist Montreal | Presentation Coaching | Marketing Consultant

To whom it may concern:

Berel Weiner has been my English coach for the past five years. In this role, we have held daily telephone conversations, five days a week so we have covered a lot of ground. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Berel has always been preoccupied in providing me with explanations to support the changes and corrections to my conversation in order to deliver a clear message. He also follows up, within the hour with a written report summarizing errors in syntax, use of words, pronunciation and focusing on areas for improvement.

Clarity, conviction and passion are the three fundamental elements of Mr. Weiner's teaching method. He is rigorous and punctual, never missing a telephone appointment.

Over this period, I have come a very long way and am now very comfortable in the English language. My vocabulary and speaking skills in general have greatly improved thanks to Mr. Weiner's talent, method and passion for his work. I am now capable of delivering conferences in English and even acting as moderator at times.

From my standpoint, he is one of the best.

Gilles Caron
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Bonjour Berel,

Je tiens à te remercier pour notre rencontre qui m’a permise de remettre en question ma définition de carrière et de voir quelle vision que je ne vivais pas maintenant. Je me suis aperçu également que j’avais beaucoup de résistance face au succès depuis plusieurs années. Ton approche m’a beaucoup aidé à changé ma façon de voir. De plus, j’ai commencé à avoir des clients payants et j’ai arrêté de faire du bénévolat à mon travail. J’ai augmenté ma valeur personnel et ce que je crois que je vaux, et ça, ça fait toute la différence!!! Merci pour tout! »

Kathleen Plamondon
Conférencière-formatrice-consultante en entreprise

Bonjour Berel,

Je t'écris un petit mot pour te faire part de mes appréciations concernant le cours d'anglais que tu m'as donné. Le cours que j'ai suivie avec toi m'a aidé a être moins gênée et de converser plus facilement en anglais. Si ça avait été seulement de la théorie je n'aurais pas avancé comme ça. Aussi, ce que j'appréciais c'était que tu me corrigeais au fur et à mesure. De plus, je me sentais à l'aise de te parler car tu sais mettre les gens à l'aise. Ton attitude est positive et tu encourages nos bons coups. Je crois que j'ai avancé beaucoup. Il n'en reste qu'à moi de pratiquer! Un gros merci pour ta gentillesse et ta structure que tu as su m'en faire bénéficier.

Nathalie Fortier
CSST IVAC, octobre 2006

May 1st. 2009


I want to thank you for creating this wonderful process.

When I first started doing the process Monday evening, I was in a space where I had no idea where it would lead me. Working in the group was enlightening and it left me wanting to complete the program with you over the phone and go deeper into myself for bigger and better results.

Well, my wish came true because after speaking with you yesterday, I am in a completely different space in my life. When we started the conversation, I was confused and completely out of my comfort zone, running around in circles in my head.

After letting go and opening up more, you brought me to where I feel connected to myself in a new way. It is a peaceful feeling where harmony and joy are setting in and learning to express themselves in a new way.

Learning TO BE in the present moment, in peace, joy and harmony with myself are the gifts I received by going through your process.

Thank-you, Berel, from the bottom of my heart for your listening, your coaching and your understanding. What a beautiful gift you are sharing with the world.

Shirley Mallette